How It Works

Gifts that change the future

When it comes to buying a meaningful present, another pair of novelty socks or more bubble bath just won't do!

Choose an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, like a chicken or school books, and not only are you buying a great present, you’re also giving someone living in poverty the chance of a better life.


Where does the money go?

Each gift relates to a particular project that Oxfam NZ is currently supporting. The price of each gift reflects the cost of providing that item. From onions to solar energy, each gift has been identified as essential by the communities we work with.
To ensure your wonderful donations go where they are needed most, there is some flexibility as to how your gift helps support people living in poverty. For example, your purchase of a donkey could be used for:
• Buying local donkey (this saves us a lot of wrapping and postage costs)
• Getting them to the families they will be helping
• Training around how to care for the donkey 
• Other essential parts of our rural livelihood work - like farming tools and training - that helps impoverished farmers take the first essential step out of poverty
• The cost of producing Oxfam Unwrapped.
When people are without food, water, shelter, or don’t have the opportunity to support and educate their families, your Unwrapped support will be providing real and practical help. Thank you. 

Success amongst the chickens

Litamat is a lead farmer with Oxfam’s Vanuatu Thrive project - she encourages and supports other farmers in her village to learn and apply techniques to turn their agricultural efforts into a small business, rather than a subsistence activity. Litamat and her husband Morrison live in the north of Malekula Island, where they have been raising chickens for meat and eggs for 12 years now, with support from Oxfam’s longtime partner the Farm Support Association. With their earnings, they put their four children through secondary school, and three of them through university – the fourth got a scholarship. The oldest two are now working, one as a teacher and one as a nurse in the local hospital. Litamat said “The project is a big help. People are really interested, because climate change is a big problem for us,” and Morrison added “Without FSA, we wouldn’t have done any of this.”

Your gifts such as Pair of Chickens and Chicken Family made a huge difference to farmers like Litamat and Morrison. Thank you.



Campbell Live and Oxfam visited Tari in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to find out how Oxfam Unwrapped gifts bought in New Zealand are making a difference.
Campbell Live and Oxfam visit Samoa with a NZ farming couple to show them how their Unwrapped gift is helping create opportunities for rural Samoans in niche organic farming.

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